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Who is your favourite Doctor in Doctor Who?

Mine is either Patrick Troughton, or Tom Baker... I'm a bit of a Classic nerd XD

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    I was disappointed the Eccleston only gave us one season.  He was the perfect transition to the modern era of the Doctor.  Tennant is an excellent actor and I enjoy him in everything I have seen.  But I found his Doctor to be a bit whinny for my taste.  Smith was enjoyable during this first couple seasons, with the interplay between him and Amy and Rory being a key to his success.  Not as good once Clara replaced them.  I skip the Capaldi episodes.  Whitter has been good in the role, but has suffered from some so-so scripts.

    I do enjoy the Baker and Pertwee era.  Disappointed that they have not gotten Pertwee's son to make an appearance in his father's role.

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    It's hard not to like Baker just because he was in the role so long that he's mentally associated with the role.  But I kind of think he was just so-so in and of himself.

    David Tennant and Matt Smith to me are the penultimate Doctors, with Tennant being #1.  They both brought the playfullness of the Doctor out in a big way, but yet had the acting chops to deliver in serious moments.  I don't like any Doctor that was too serious.  And many of them were.  Capaldi included.  And I think some of the more playful Classic Who Doctors lacked those acting chops.

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