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Why are so many innocent questions deleted on Yahoo Answers?

Honestly, I've asked questions like 'what's your favourite beer?' only for them to be deleted a few hours later, and yet I see various hideous, trolling, or prejudiced questions get to stay up! What is the deal with this? It feels pretty unfair to me.


I feel like interesting point of view questions like 'what's your favourite...' should be valid questions to ask on a site like this... at least, more valid than the prejudiced stuff I often see.

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    Some people on this website will report you simply because they can. I'm sure some people are going to answer this question by copying and pasting the " Terms Of Service " implying that you broke them. Its very hard for people on Yahoo Answers to acknowledge that anything and everything can be reported simply because a user can. Instead, people will bash you and say that you have bad questions, assume your a troll, or just assume anything negative about you in general. ( these users take the logical approach of: " Well I guess if it got taken down that means you did something wrong " ). It's not a fair approach when you in fact have done nothing wrong.  

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    1 month ago

    I had a 12 year old account and was level 7 and top contributor

    But once sold to Verzion no one talks to us they just Remove a question reported by the Trolls all i ask is show us the answer that is supposed to be wrong

    and who reported us because 99% of Answers reported were NOT illegal and did not deserve to be removed

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    1 month ago

    Same reason all your questions get reported Mr Right.   You are a troll and just keep stupidly posting chat and rant violations over and over just so you can answer with your same usual alt accounts.  

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    1 month ago

    Gangs of trolls stalking and reporting as a group can get Q&As deleted very quickly.

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  • 1 month ago

    Innocent questions like "Your fav", "Rate me", "Am I", "Do you" etc are considered what they called in the past, "low-quality polls" that are considered chat violations. The answers do nothing to add facts to the YA database and are only interactions between you and the responder (chat). Questions like "What is the favorite beer in Idaho?" or "What are the top ten microbrews in North Carolina?" will not get reported (usually). If you want to chat, use Facebook or Reddit.

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