How to write a polite and correct email to a Korean?

I need to write a first contact email to a South Korean Artist Agency about something, i.e. I have to write to their Legal Department. 

Can anyone tell me how to do this? I have to write in English since I don't speak Korean. I really want to respect their culture and don't want to make any mistakes. 

How do I write the Header in an email, and how do I address people that I don't know yet? I have no names, no professional positions. 

I'm a (female) lawyer myself so I will write to a colleage in their legal department. But how? And what is a correct "goodbye" at the end of an email?

Thank you for helping me with this.

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    I am native korean speaker.

    Do you want to write email in Korean?

    Unless you are going to write in Korean, you don't need to worry about it.They must have professional English interpreter or someone.

    What I want to say is, Just send them a formal english letter.

    They will translate without any problem/misunderstanding.

    *Furthermore, they'll understand that you are not used to korean culture)

    But if you do want to write in Korean, which I don't want to recommend, there could happen many misunderstandings.

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