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For any of you in the legal field, legal assistants/secretaries. How often were you moved around in your office? Changing attorneys that you began when hired to work with. I got word that I may have to change for a new employee (probably has to do with her having a paralegal degree and getting the firm more money in some cases). We are a civil litigation firm and although she is a paralegal, she's only worked in real estate law for six years, if that matters. I really like working with the attorney and cases they do that I may be changed from. The other has really gotten on my nerves that I'd probably stick with. Can't fight this, can I or is the suggestion is just to go to another firm? 

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  • Alex
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    I have two comments:  1) yes it is not only common but a fact of life that companies of any type will move employees around to the place that the company feels that person is the best fit to meet the organization's needs.  What that means is that the company's needs take priority over employees' preferences.  Sucks, but that's the reality for those of us who are not in charge.

    2) Have you considered asking your employer to pay for your education to get your paralegal degree?  Many companies will do that with the expectation of promoting those employees once they finish school. 

    As for going to another firm, not saying to not leave if you are unhappy.  But any firm will place you where they think they want/need you the most, and are subject to move you around at will.  So that aspect is not going to be different no matter where you go.

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