Can you record "sound" through a microphone silently, through inductance?

By which I mean recognizeable audio. If, for example, you were to take a stereo, and dismantle the speaker, so that only the speaker coil was left, would the coil in a microphone still pick up whatever the stereo was playing? I get that decent dynamic mic is pretty well shielded, but what about a cheap condenser mic like in a dictaphone? I don't think those have coils though, but would it work if the "speaker" were relatively close?

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    1 month ago

    Yes, that is effectively an audio transformer.

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    Sorry, having trouble interpreting the question.

    "Can you record "sound" through a microphone silently, through inductance?" NO, no sound, there is no sound to record.

    next question: there needs to be a coil that moves in a magnetic field to generate a voltage. A speaker can be used as a microphone, but you need the magnet and the coil has to be suspended so it can move, vibrate.  A coil by itself will do nothing.

    different interpretation to question:

    You seem to be asking if a microphone coil will pick up sound from a dismantled speaker. No, a dismantled speaker will produce no sound.

    lat question, don't understand. Certainly a cheap condenser microphone will work. Yes, they have no coils.

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