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Were Harry Potter’s parents killed by Voldemort himself, or did someone else do it on Voldemort’s orders?

Reason I’m asking is when people say Voldemort killed Cedric, they forget it was actually Peter Pettigrew on Voldemort’s orders. So yeah what about Harry Potter’s parents?

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    It was Voldemort himself. That's why Harry has the scar that allows him some awareness of Voldemort.

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    If you read the books, especially the last one, it becomes clear that it must have been Voldemort himself.

    Here's why (in ROT13* to prevent involuntary spoilers for the last two books):

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    Have you not read the books or seen the movies?  It's made very clear that Voldemort murdered them both personally.

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    According to the movie Voldemort killed Lily personally. 

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    Shhhhhhh! You're not supposed to say his name!!!!

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