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A lump thing inside vaginal cavity? Normal?

Hey! It's quite straight forward but been bothering me. Trying to figure this out but investigations aren't helping. I'm wondering if I should see a GP....

About the length of my pointer finger, I've noticed a structure. It extends from the top of the vaginal wall and is slightly long. It has a smooth texture. At the end is a harder section. On top of the harder section there's a small indent with a different texture- it reminds me of an open wound, it's crumbly.

I've been too awkward to ask any but one of my friends, who has too long of nails to poke around in there. So asking other vagina havers here, is there meant to be a structure jutting down around there at all? Should I bother my GP? I really am uncomfortable with the idea of having a vaginal exam, but I guess we all have them as we get older anyway.

attached is a messy horizontal drawing of roughly what I feel if that helps any!

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    Okay, a graphic answer in medical language so I don't get into trouble.

    The inside surface of the vagina is mucous membrane, like the inside of your mouth. Unlike the mouth, it has folds, bumps, and ridges called rugae that become prominent during reproductive years and smooth somewhat after menopause. (I suppose it's more like the roof of your mouth, which has some texture to it.)

    These rugae can flatten and unfold when the vagina needs to widen to be a birth canal. That Nature, huh? Everything has a purpose.

    It sounds to me like you might have an irritated point on a protruding rugae and should baby it for a while, seeing it if improves. That means no penetrative sex, including things other than a penis, and no tampons. No douching, if you do. Just leave things in there alone.

    If it's still there in a month, I'd recommend getting your first pelvic exam. They're a necessary part of overall health care for women.

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    I agree with the advice by Anonymous starting with "graphic answer", except for the "wait for a month" bit.  If that area is not noticeably improving within a week, seek out a qualified gynecologist.  It is probably nothing to be concerned about, but there is a small chance (like 5%) it is something more serious.

    Source(s): married to women and surrounded by RNs for decades
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