is it possible to get self esteem if you have had your self esteem attacked a lot in your life?

i'm a male aged 43, i have had a hard unfortunate life so far, failed to find any female relationships and suffered from a severe personality disorder (bpd) my growing up years in secondary school, i was taunted, put down, teased and bullied often and had my self esteem constantly attacked and torn down....and i ended up believing what my abusers told me about now as an adult, i have very low self esteem.

and i was wondering if its too late to get self esteem now and confidence in myself? to ''undo'' what the taunters wonder that ive often been rejected by women....ive also suffered a lot of anger at injustices i suffered, and now can have a very violent temper.

anyway, is there a way at this point to get back my self esteem, in order to have self confidence?

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  • 1 month ago
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    There is always a way to make an improvement on how we live.  Have you gone for help from or with a counselor?  As you try to find a new person with self esteem, it is best to have a caregiver backing you.  I wouldn't advise you to go it alone. Try new things.  Go to new places.  It's never too late to make a new Life for yourself. If you can GIVE to others rather than receive from them that would make all the difference. 

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