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is it ture Canada is a socialist heaven like the nordic countries in europe with no guns and free healthcare for the mentally ill ?

and if so, how did that guy in Nova scotia dress in a fake police uniform and shoot 20 plus people ? LOL 


fewer incidents because canada is only 30 million ! with fewer blacks and latinos . But when they happen they happen on a canadian magnitude , the first mass shooting in North America was in canada in 1980s . an Uzi wielding Algerian muslim killed more than 30 in Quebec . 

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    Canada is not a dumpster fire like the USA 

  • Anonymous
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    No, it's not "ture" and health care is two separate words.  This rant, however incorrect it is, is a nice change from your usual "torturing dogs to death" rants.

  • Mark
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    There are lots of guns in Canada, who told you that?  Canada just restricts which guns you can have and clip size.

    There are lots of mentally ill in the world who never seek treatment to begin with. 

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    1 month ago

    Virtually every country with gun control has fewer incidents of gun violence than the usa. That's a different point.

    The Nordic countries and Canada are capitalist countries with socialist policies that work for them. Done right it can benefit their citizens. From the outside looking in, the problem with the USA is the rich don't want to pay for it and have conditioned their citizens to think these policies are a bad thing. A minority of rich people controlling the attitudes of the many. It's sad to see. However if Americans actually want better lives, they to realise it. If they are happy going bankrupt because they need surgery or get hit by a car, let them be.

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    Canada has far fewer incidents of gun rampage than the USA.

    There are insane and criminal people in Canada just as there are everywhere else. In Canada, they can get medical help without it bankrupting therm.

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