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I'm upset I had to leave a toxic member of my family, how do I get through this?

It was a very hard decision to make because we were best friends. She became toxic after she divorced her husband, and made bad decisions, I can't get into the drama, it's too long and complicated to explain on here, but if she would be like her old self, I wouldn't have to do this.

I don't want to be hurt by people anymore, I'd rather live alone, no one will bother me. I do live alone actually, but I don't want to mix with people anymore.

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    You don't want to be hurt by people? You will always be interacting with people and people will disappoint you in certain ways. You don't have to associate with certain people but you can't be in a bubble either. It's not healthy for the human mind.

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    maybe you should get some counseling

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    Living alone is better than living with a toxic person. Limit your contact with her, and leave if she becomes toxic. She may eventually change...or not.    Reach out to others with whom you can have good connections.

    We all need to be good to each other.

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