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is gnosticism a silly faith?

They believe we are trapped in an evil world of suffering, while the true God will save us and bring us to a much pristine reality.

I have a question though, why did the true God allow evil to exist to begin with? Isn't he just like the supposed "Bad" material god?

And if he saves a gnostic now, why did he take so long to save the gnostic? It's confusing to me.

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    It's not 'silly'.  It's downright dangerous. It began to try to infiltrate the new Christian church even before the end of the 1st century A.D. There are warnings about it in the New Testament (the last bit written by 95 at the latest). But it takes many forms and is difficult to identify when it pretends to be Christian. Today it has morphed into a New Age 'spirituality' that deceives millions.

    They believed that they possessed special, higher, spiritual knowledge; that matter (including the body) is an evil prison of the good, immaterial soul. To save one's soul meant rising up the 'ladder' of gnosis (hidden knowledge). They disbelieved Jesus was truly human or could die to save sinners. In a nutshell, wherever you find people denigrating material, physical existence in the name of 'spirituality', or for the same reaso elevate the human soul or spirit to the status of divinity, you've got unbiblical Gnosticism.

    They do not believe "the true God will save us" as you claim. They believe this special knowledge will save you. As for your other Qs, you have to ask them separately here, because a whole chapter in a book would be needed to deal with them. Sound-bite answers won't cut it. But know this - there are cosmic principles at work where the goodness, righteousness and sovereignty of God has been challenged, first showing itself in the Garden of Eden, and God has allowed it full reign so that on the Day of Judgment, His dealings with all that is evil, and all who are evil, will be manifested for all creation to see. Never again will anything corrupt God's good creation. But He operates to a time-scale we cannot grasp. We are finite. He is infinite, without beginning and without end. When He does act in judgment, however, nobody will be able to claim they weren't given enough time to do what was right.

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    All faiths are silly.

    People spend an inordinate amount of time and effort trying to convince themselves that they are not.

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    gnosticism is technically christian mysticism that predates the first catholic church and organized christian religion. it was considered heresy and was shunned for thousands of years. it combined a lot of mysticism and esoteric knowledge which is why it never maintained any mainstream appeal in western society. 

    so it may be considered silly by modern standards, but it does have a lot of practices and elements that go beyond our modern understanding of spirituality 

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    All faith, all religion is very silly!

    "True God" is an oxymoron.  Mankind has created millions of Gods over millions of years!  Religions were formed by Tribal Unity for the benefit of the tribe, a good thing!  Bigotry and hate was another result. .  

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    Well, if you ask me basically all faiths are silly...some more than others though.

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