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Does Joe have a cult?

Lady Gaga, Garth Brookes, Tom Hanks, you?


Neen, I don't know how to tell you, but 100 Billionaires supported Biden 2020 & only 10 supported Trump. You view of the world is 1950, at best.

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    The best of the best came out for Joe, you forgot Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez. Trump tried for Lady GAGA, for his inauguration, she said no. These are very wealthy people, and yet they support Democratic ideals. Biden is open and above board, unlike Trump (absolutely no transparency) Joe is putting it all out there, plan per plan. It's time for the lies, and radicalization to STOP!. Continuing to try to destroy Democracy for an Autocracy is a slap in the face to the Constitution, and the Rule of Law. "nuff said! @ EM, you have it wrong, you are describing Trump supporters. Keep in mind, many Republicans, & political scholars (The Lincoln Project) wanted Trump gone. Get your head on straight & stop the "ragging", grow up & grow some. Evil never wins, and you won't either. @Anon.... I don't know how to tell YOU, but over 8 million voters voted for Biden, ( to Trump's 74 million) and the Republican Senate ratified the election even when rioting Republicans put their lives in danger. The chant of "Hang Pence" rung throughout the halls. You will have to offer some proof of your accusation, because Con News has never been very truthful, ever! I doubt that is true, why? Because Trump gave Billionaires a tremendous tax break, I doubt that 100 Billionaires would want to lose that perk, and they know they will.  @Anon.. you comment is Russian bullsh*t, No one believes it. Joe has been in the public eye for almost 50 years, all of a sudden he's a molester? Tara Reade, lied, she failed 3 lie detector tests, an said nothing evil about Joe in the past. If the lie feels good to you, so be it, but a foundation of lies, eventually crumbles.

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    hollywood elite are leftists

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    And those who voted for him are his cult.  That is what they said of Trump supporters.

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    Thats not a cult, that is the people. Yes, it includes me.

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    Yeah. Touchy Feely Fingerplay!

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    The dumbest in society. Only individuals who have never read a book , policy, legal case brief of file voted for Biden. He is the candidate for dumb dumbs.

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    yes they came out in mass for him...

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