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What kind of things Israeli Zionists have promised to Turks against the Greeks?

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    Israel learned her lesson. In1990's Turkey built dams on rivers Tigris and Euphrathis.

    Those 2 rivers were major water supply to Iraq and Syria.

    Syrian Assad and Iraqi Saddam untied to fight the Turks.

    But Turks made defensive pact with Israel which saved Turkey from war.

    I think defense pact with Turkey was Major Israeli strategic mistake.

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    As far as I'm aware, not a thing.

    Israel does have a history of reaching out more to Turkey, but that's mostly due more to economics, their strategic positioning and historic position as gateway into the Islamic world. Nowadays other nations fill many roles Turkey once monopolized with Israel, so they don't rely on Turkey like they once did. This was never to Greece's detriment or for the purpose of favoring the Turks explicitly over Greece, though.

    In any case, Israel is always open to being friendly with both nations. All it really needs is a reciprocating partner. If there are promises, it's for more normal economic or social endeavors found between most nations, and not for less nefarious things of pitting one against the other.

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