Why is it common to think that sailors are gay? For example, I wanted to be a sailor in the navy of my country, the Polish Navy.?

In Poland, it was a bit different than in the United Kingdom or America, because every Pole who turns 18 in a given calendar year must apply for conscription registration and undergo medical examinations before a medical commission, I was conscripted in 2004 but I was rejected due to Asperger and the fact that I had epilepsy in my childhood after the accident, although now I have no neurological disorders except that I have Asperger and I have nasty tints like Dr. Mccoy from Star Trek, in my math teacher's opinion, when I was a teenager, in her opinion, my personality was a connection between Mr. Spock and Mr. Dr. Mccoy from Star Trek, she suggested to my mother to enroll me in programming lessons (in Borland TurboPascal) in the computer science class, my mother that she was not sure if we could afford, but the teacher said that these lessons are free, she first suggested to my mother that I do not have ADD (milder type of ADHD) but Asperger's syndrome, because in childhood I was diagnosed with learning difficulties, dyslexia, dysorthography and dyscalculia, although that teacher believed in me and helped me and improved my math grades

Now I live with my brother and I have a job as a security guard, my brother has leftist views, but he doesn't like gays, so I told him that I was gay, to piss him off, that he must be ******* joking, I said no, seriously I feel gay , my brother supports the liberalization of the right to abortion in Poland...


, when murdering unborn children, I told him that I was gay, to piss him off, because if you like to eat leftist ****, you have to eat it whole, and not do cherry picking i;m gay but not act on it because sadly it's a huge sin .

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    "Why is it common to think that sailors are gay?"

    Because in the old days sailors could be at sea for months.

    Months away from family and civilization.

    Some sailors turned turned fellow sailors for release of their sexual frustration.

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