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Maexeni contraceptive pill?

Hi, I always used to use microgynon pills where I would take them everyday without a break. However I recently got a different pill (maexeni) and I am unsure of if I can take these without having a break. I cannot currently get an appointment due to Covid and them being busy. Can I take maexeni without having the 7 day break? Or can this affect me? Thanks

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    Why dont you just look up the medications? They're exactly the same, just different brands. Two seconds Google search.

  • Kerri
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    For healthy women it’s quite safe and effective to skip the 7 days of inactive pills and take only the active pills each month. You might experience some occasional break through spotting but many women skip the inactive pills to avoid getting their periods that would ordinarily come with the week of inactive pills. It’s not necessary for a woman’s health to have a monthly period. Actually there are birth control pill brands manufactured and used specifically for keeping periods away until and unless you decide to resume having periods. You will still be 98-99% protected against pregnancy. Do consult with your prescriber when it’s safe but, if you are healthy overall, you can safely skip the sugar pills.

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    Read the leaflet or talk to a pharmacist.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    even if you can't get an appointment a pharmacist can probably answer your question when you going to get your prescription filled just call them

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