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do most people in the UK think the US election was stolen by Biden & Harris? why?

what is the current popular opinion there and what think of the mass censorship going on in the USA now by our media , big tech companies? why?

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    Most Europeans are leftists, so I doubt it.  My guess is 80% of Brits support Biden or there about.

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    There were international observers to the election.  All of the international observers reported that there was no significant degree of fraud.

    Most of the international coverage of Trump's claims of fraud -- outside of Russian media -- has generally reported similar to the findings of the courts -- that there is no evidence supporting it and that most of the claims are based on people putting sinister spins on normal election procedures or misreporting information.

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    Not ONE piece of evidence was presented by Trump on vote rigging or fraud.

    TWO fake ballots were found in either Georgia or Pennsylvania ( can't remember which) both of which were DEAD voters and BOTH were for the Republican party!

    That is all they found!

    And still that liar continued to spout his drivel!

    And his horde of lunatic supporters listened only to his rantings, not the demonstrated lack of evidence presented by him.

    Unlike the redneck Neanderthals in the Republican party, British people tend to be a lot more analytical and much more politically "savvy".

    Plus we get a lot of commentaries from independent European sources so we do know that the ONLY stolen Election was that when Trump was helped into power by Vladamir Putin!

    Ironic that.

    Trump being helped into the White House by one of America's greatest foes....

    I wonder what that cost America in the long term...?

    Source(s): The ring of fire website hosted by Farron Cousins on YouTube
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     Britts aren't dumb enough to think of such things zxjqkfp

     . . . . . . . . . .


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    Most think US elections are stupidity in action.

    As for mass censorship... the USA has always had it -- the media technically don't censor anything, but they only publish what sells their advertising best.

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    No, just butthurt trumptards. They need to shut up and suck it up.

  • Most people in the UK are greatly relieved that one of the world's superpowers is no longer run by an idiot with a mental age of 10.  Only a small number of his fellow American idiots with a mental age of 10 think that the election was stolen.  The USA traditionally has a low voter turnout because there's little to choose between the two main parties.  That enabled Trump to rouse his army of hillbillies to vote in 2016 and steal the Presidency even though he lost the election by 2 million votes.  By 2020, getting rid of Trump and his thugs was sufficient to get many millions more Americans to get off their backsides and vote Trump out of office.  They voted for Biden and Harris, but they would have voted for Satan and Beelzebub if that would have got rid of the idiot.

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    I'm from Scotland and nope. Trump got bent over the table and his a$$ slapped.  

    Absolutely no proof it was rigged - just trump raging cause he lost and it was just a desperation move. 

    And David - utter nonsense. And again I'm from Scotland and just like America. Anyone here thinks it was rigged - is just a sore loser like their trumpster American friends.

    7 thumbs down? They must have have been bent over and slapped aswell

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    Nobody in the UK thinks Biden stole the election.

    P.S. Seems a number of the the Americans don't like us Brits telling them the truth.

    Below is an example of the British newspapers following the result of the election from across the political spectrum.

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    Despite what the media may tell you, the majority of British people can also spot election rigging. Any of us who follow US politics know your election was massively rigged.

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