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Weight Loss Question?

So long story short i lost 85 pounds in about 9 months and ive been recently eating around 500 calories (yes i know its very bad) and my weight usually goes down everyday. Now if i raise that limit to lets say 750-800 would i still lose weight or will i start gaining since my body is used to eating only 500 calories. Im 5'7 19 yrs old and im at 125.6 LB. im trying to lose a few more pounds and maintain. 


I have been doing cardio everyday 30 mins straight no stopping for about 3 months straight and just stopped recently, i have minimal to no loose skin. and i eat no sugar. The calories i eat are from all good healthy food

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    You need to see a doctor.  Your extreme diet has potentially led to serious metabolic issues as well as organ damage.  Your doctor can run blood tests to determine just how much damage has been done, and then help figure out a plan to address that damage.  Since it sounds like you have an eating disorder, some time spent as an inpatient in a facility that deals with this kind of problem will help you.  

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    Under eating for an extended period leads to muscle loss (NOT a good thing). At your height, your ideal weight range, assuming you are female (per link #1), is 126 - 146 lbs, depending on your body frame size. Currently you are just below the recommended weight for someone with a small frame.


    Your calorie intake should be 3024 cals daily, just for weight maintenance, per link #2. You are starving yourself. Your body cannot get the nutrients it needs in under 1000 cals/daily. 

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    Your body doesn't get used to a lower calorie intake. It has a need for a minimum to power things, and the brain uses a large proportion for it's size. You are essentially an organic machine, and you need energy to make it work. If you're managing to only eat so few, then it must be getting them from your body fat, and ultimately cannibalising other parts of your body like muscle. It might have shut down none essential things like repairs or sperm/egg formation, so such a strict diet isn't good for you in the long run. I'm not going to mention exercise, because although I believe it helps to tone flabby muscle, I really don't think it has much affect on weight loss. I'll tell you what you probably already know, but as we're all human and therefore fallible, we ignore. Eat a range of foods, particularly vegetables of different colours, by that I mean yellow corn, green cabbage, red peppers etc. Cut down on meat, particularly red meat. Fermented foods are supposed to be good, sauerkraut and live yogurts. These feed the correct bacteria in your gut which is probably the key to a healthy weight. A good rule of thumb is your waist should be half your height.

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