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How do I get a femboy body? I want to be toned & slim but not muscular per say. ?

I want to look sexy, you know, flat stomach, toned, nice skin, but not muscular. Another thing to take notice is my legs are larger than any rest of my limbs... hard to tell if it's fat or muscle... Anyways, it's really annoying cause it makes the rest of my body look disproportionate. I really wanna be a femboy but first I want the bod. 😅

So far I got an exercise plan & that's just 30 minutes (total) of some running/jogging and yoga everyday and maybe a day or 2 of rest.



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    Eat clean (avoid processed foods) and keep your weight where it should be for good health. The calculator below will give you an idea of what a healthy weight range is for someone your height. 


    To stay lean, focus on cardio exercise and moves that use just your bodyweight as resistance. Considering your genetics and how your body is put together will have some bearing on the results you can achieve, don't get frustrated if you cannot get the exact shape you desire. 

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