Do you think you can become an astronaut/cosmonaut if you are not American or Russian? What requirements do you need to meet?

For example, I am a Pole, despite various stupid jokes about Poles, scientists from the Polish Academy of Sciences made scientific research instruments for many Soviet, American and European (with ESA) space probes, so far we had only one Astronaut, or actually, an astronaut, as astronauts were called in Poland communism, General (then only a major) of the Polish Air Force Mirosław Hermaszewski, who flew aboard the Soviet space station as part of the Soyuz 30 mission

I wonder if a person with Asperger, but with normal social skills, can become an astronaut, for NASA I couldn't fly because I'm not an American, and not for Roskomos because I'm not Russian :-)

But maybe in ESA, after all, Poland is a member of ESA, but if Asperger would not be a problem, there was already one Astronaut, an American woman,Lisa Nowak, she had Polish surname because she was married to Polish American. she was not Polish, so no Polish joke here xD

she is not the best example for aspies xD

I once read about the American Astronaut Charles Pete Conrad, who was one of NASA's first astronauts, and he flew under the Gemini and Apollo and Skylab programs, as a kid he was diagnosed with learning disabilities, but was selected for the 2nd group of NASA Astronauts of the same which was, among others, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, except that Mr. Pete Conrad most likely had ADHD and not Asperger :-)

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  • 1 month ago

    Yes, you can. Astronauts come from all over and are trained by ESA (Europe), CSA (Canada), ISA (India), JAXA (Japan) and China. 

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