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The other day I was at work. I was working with?

this lady whom I had worked with for a year. I was doing some paperwork and  I wrote her last name down adding an "e" to the end of her last name on the paper. The reason I wrote her name down was because I was just writing down I was with her at that post. It was just standard protocol. Well, she saw the "e" at the end of her last name and she told me to scratch the e off her last name cause her last name doesn't end in an "e". So I scratched it out and told her "I didn't know".  She then barked at me saying "You should have, we worked together before". I don't see what the big deal about adding an "e" to her last name   This whole time I always thought her last name ended in an "e". I don't see what the big deal about this is. Can you'll point out to me what the deal is?

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    Some people are very particular/protective about their name and they can often a) assume others will know how to pronounce/spell their name and/or b) become angry/frustrated/defensive when either the pronunciation or spelling is incorrect.  You thought your colleague's name was spelt differently to the actuality, this was not intentional so best you can do is acknowledge the importance of your co-worker's name to her, and then put your focus elsewhere.

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    The deal is she's a *****. Next time she gives you attitude,  you give it right back to her. She'll back off.

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