Hi all! Questions about military insurance after being honorably discharged. ?

So my husband is in the army and we are expecting our first child in May, he was planning on reenlisting after his contract was up in a year but we just got told today that he is getting an honorable medical discharge. He failed hearing in one ear, torn his abdomen level 2 tears multiple times and had 2 concussions, (all due to working in the field) so the Army now sees him as a liability and dubbed him unfit by military standards to serve. Which means he is getting discharged in March, (2 months before our baby is born) and we have to move cross-country back to where our families are so we will have more help (were stationed 20 hours away from our hometown) and he needs to find a job, and we need to find a house or apartment all hopefully within 2 months before our baby boy is born. My main question is do any of you know how insurance works after you're discharged? (giving birth is expensive) and does anybody have any job suggestions for medically discharged soldiers? He wanted to become a Cop but we don't think that can happen now because of him being medically discharged. He is still very fit and able to work. Just looking for any advice or suggestions from my fellow military wives and past and present military members. Thank you!

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  • 1 month ago

    Tricare will cover for the delivery,  I think it covers for six months.   He needs to apply for a VA disability rating.   I would think he would get over 50%    He should use his GI BILL and go to college and get a degree.  You should hold off having another baby for a couple of years and get things settled down. 

  • 1 month ago

    t ricare last 90 days after discharge, so you need to call tricare and make plans for afterf separation

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Up to 90 days after separation there is Tricare. 


    If he is getting a medical discharge then things might be different. He can be eligible for VA for himself. 

    Best option is contact Tricare and get all the updated information from them. 

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