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Penis chafing and peeling?

I recently had sex this saturday. Nothing unusal except the next day my penis(uncircumcised) felt uncomfortable and i discorver it was red and chafed. Now i know this women has no stds or anything like that. And i noticed it because it has happend before. Just not this bad. That was saturday and i put some medicine on it and it fet better. No burning, no stinging. Wasnt sensitive by the end of the day. And for the next few days. This morning I dscovered My penis Is now peeling all over and is dry. When this started i treated it like and open wound by cleaning it and keeping it dry. I just put soem coconut lotion on it as thats recommended but I dont jnow what to go here or even if i should. Anybody got an answers?

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    UGHGHGHG. Dude this sucks. Have you thought about using something that helps moisturize or hydrate you? There's probably something that you're doing to cause this issue- but good news is you can help it by using a penis health creme. They are great for hydrating!!! 

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    the problem is not being circumcised

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    the penis has sensitive tissue and friction on tissue will cause irritation. if she was dry, or long session, or multiple sessions in a short time frame will cause redness or other irritation. either way keep your junk free from chafing and see a doctor when you can.

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