I like my friend?

I have a friend...more like a girl I went to school with...we have mutual friends that we hangout with occasionally and that’s how I see her...we’ve talked before and have had mini exchanges, but nothing like flirty more in a friend teasing another friend...I get so nervous talking to her...I takes everything in me to even send a message to her on Instagram...I always think the worst when it comes to talking to women but especially with her because getting rejected by her would crush me. I also don’t want our mutual friends to know that I like her...we don’t really talk but, I want to ask her out eventually and I really need help with getting this accomplished...I at least want to be able to talk to her without thinking what our friends would say if they knew...if there’s anyone out there with some gems for me I’d greatly, mightily, wholeheartedly appreciate it...thank you so much...whoever you are

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    First , try to relax ! You are so worried about this, that it makes me uncomfortable thinking about how uncomfortable you must be.  Give it time, show an interest in what she has to say, ask questions, and then, REALLY LISTEN . People love to talk when they sense someone is genuinely interested. Her answers to your questions will lead the way for you to ask more, or to enter into conversation with her.  

    Now: we are in a pandemic with potentially lethal consequences, ...you might have noticed?  And this means socially isolating and not exposing yourself or others to this terrible disease that can kill you.  So,another reason to take it easy. See if you can develop a connection on line, texting, or telephone,and wait until you both get vaccinated,and stay alive. Good luck,  

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    1 month ago

    maybe you should talk to her about it

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