Are Valentine's Day baskets a thing? ?

My two friends brought up this idea to do a Valentines Day exchange amongst our trio of friends. I think it is a cute idea for sure, but i have always thought about Valentines Day as a day for couples. They are both in a relationship and I am single. I found it puzzling that they want to take part in a new tradition that i think is a better idea to do amongst single people as opposed to those already in relationships. In some way i feel like they are hijacking a Valentines Day practice that should be reserved for single people as an alternative for not having a significant other. Am i making too much of a fuss by thinking of it this way? Or do any of you agree with me thinking Valentines Day baskets are better suited for single people? 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Maybe they just wanted to add you on without saying so.Be grateful small favors.

  • drip
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    1 month ago

    School kids celebrate Valentine’s Day. My dad always got me a card and chocolates. I have sent out Valentine’s Day cards to good friends. At work we have ten employees, we all bring in candy for Valentine’s Day. It is not just for couples.

    They are not hijacking anything. They are celebrating the holiday with friends. What is the big deal to you? Bow out of you think there is something wrong with it.

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