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Can I ride a bike at 24 stone? ?

Hey so I’m really really wanting to lose weight and determine to do so, I really want to take up cycling I was swimming before covid happened but there all shut

Would I need a special kind of bike with my weight or do I just buy any ?

Thanks in advance 

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    I can tell 'Anonymous' isn't a cyclist for two reasons.  1) The aforementioned heavy-duty frame.  2) A custom seat.  Just about all bicycles have H-D frames.  They have to withstand shocks, bumps, ruts, twists, turns & God knows what else.  That's with a rider of any size.  Technically, it's not a 'seat', it's a 'saddle'.  You sit in a chair or seat.  You sit on a saddle, just like a horse saddle.  Ironically, that's how Brooks England (makers of the finest leather saddles) got started.  Back in 1866 the company began when founder John Boultbee Brooks, a horse saddle manufacturer, tried to use a bicycle after his horse died but found the wooden seat very uncomfortable. As a result, he vowed to set about solving this problem and Brooks was born. 

    Sadly, at your weight you can't buy just any bicycle.  You'll need one with strong double wall rims & 36 spokes per wheel.  I too agree that a 'touring bike' is probably your best option.  I hope you have a hefty bank account or a Gold Credit Card.  You'll need it with a price tag well over £1,000.  I use the brand name Trek purely as an example.  There's several other quality brands.  Test ride as many as possible before handing over the money.

    I also agree that you can't exercise your way out of a bad diet.  As noted in this article, "Exercise is the easy part."  Diet & giving up all those fattening foods is the hard part.  So get a bicycle for fun.  But diet to lose weight.     

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    Contrary to the response from 'Anonymous'... Just about any frame will handle your hefty weight.  The weakest parts on any bicycle are the WHEELS!  Years ago I was also in your condition.  In cycling terms, a Clydesdale.  I weighed a blimp-like 315 lbs. or 22.5 stone.  I'll come back to the wheels in a minute.

    The bad news?  Cycling WILL NOT burn fat as quickly as you might think.  A good, brisk 1/2 hour walk will burn more calories than a one hour bike ride.  I ride because of a gimpy lower back + arthritic hips & knees.  I walk with a limp & often use a cane.  If you can walk with no problems...forget about the bicycle.  Waste of money for now.  

    You will NOT lose any weight unless you also change your diet.  You can't exercise your way out of fatty cheeseburgers & fries from McDonald's.  Cut out all 2nd helpings.  Cut out all snacks.  Cut out soda - even so-called diet soda.  Drink more water - not beer.  

    Back to wheels...  If you're dead-set on cycling, you NEED a bike with strong wheels.  36 spokes per wheel - not 28 or even 32.  I highly recommend a "Touring Bike".  They do NOT come cheap or inexpensive.  A good one will set you back  1,339.00 € in the U.K.

    Just how good is a bike like this?  My 2011 Raleigh Sojourn touring bike has about 13,000 trouble free miles on it with only routine maintenance.  Yes...I've had to change things like the tires, brakes, chain when it stretches out, rear cog when it wore out, etc.  But the bike has NEVER broken down away from home.  Light or fast?  Nope.  Built to handle adverse conditions?  YES!  I haul groceries with mine.          

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    Bikes are rated for the weight they can handle, so buy from a dedicated bike store that wants to sell you a bike you will like. You'll be paying more for a heavy-duty frame and possibly a custom seat sold separately.

    I don't have to tell you that weight loss is 85% what and how much you eat and 15% activity, right? Getting fit is great, and it burns calories, but it's not the approach to weight loss.

    So yeah, get yourself a bike, but also eat healthier.

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