Kids bullied at school - should their teacher improve?

Have there ever been any particular or specific (matters of) bullying towards any of your children at school being targeted/affected/impacted by their peers bullying behaviour, that would have had you thinking their teacher would need to show certain/necessary improvement in future?

What was it about their teacher, that made you think their teacher needs to show improvement?

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  • Gorgia
    Lv 4
    19 hours ago

    Maybe talk to the admin

  • 1 month ago

    You know right now, And  long before right now. Teachers were logged as gloried babysitters. I think thats asking a lot considering this country is so ungrateful towards teachers. This begs the need for  parent intervention, interacting with the child. Bullies can smell fear on other people. But something should be done.  Not the teachers job actually. Principal,  I say first should step up.

  • 2 months ago

    Figure out what the child is being bullied for and find the best solution for that kid. Is it a child who is getting pushed around by jocks? Enroll him/her in some martial arts classes. Is it a girl who is getting bullied because of her looks? Help her out with a makeover. 

    It's the teachers responsibility to prevent fights and bullying on school property, but it's the parents responsibility to address the cause of the bullying and how to help their child resolve it. Whether it's moving to a different area so kid gets a fresh start or teaching your kid to fight back and stand up for themselves; the parent is the one who needs to show certain/necessary improvement to teach their kids fundamental life lessons. 

  • 2 months ago

    i dont have kids but i was bullied myself as a kid

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