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My Cat is limping, but showing no sign of pain?

My cat is 11 Years Old, and she is attacking her tail quite a bit. We think it might be dementia, or arthritis so we are getting it checked. However, my cat is lifting her leg up, but she will jump and land on it, or run. She doesn't limp, she'll just lift it up. Is this a sign of arthritis, because even though she is lifting it, she doesn't seem to be in pain and can run on it with no issue. 

Sorry if I didn't explain myself well, I am 16. I am just scared for my cat, I love her and want to make sure she is okay. Sorry if this question was a bit dumb too, but if anyone out there knows an answer, I'd love to hear it :) Thankyou.

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  • Rita
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    Many conditions involving the joints, muscles, bones, nerves, or skin can cause cats to limp, and some issues are more serious than others. ... But sometimes the cause of limping is not so dramatic or obvious. If your cat is injured, you may be able to spot the injury by gently examining the affected limb, says Dr.

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  • PR
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    The fact that your cat is chasing her tail may be a reason to take her to the vet for a check-up. Cats do not ordinarily chase their tails.

    Regarding lifting her paw up, perhaps it is in some way related to the tail-chasing. We have a cat who lifts his paw up and has done this routinely. We do not know why he does this, but it seems like just a little quirk of his - almost like he is uncertain of something and then does this. He is an entirely healthy cat, but just lifts his paw up at odd times. BUT, on an interesting note, his mother cat also does this.

    We had a rescue kitten who would not put weight on her front paw (a sudden occurrence) and it was assumed the paw was injured. This did ultimately heal and she could then run around and walk on that paw. 

    If your cat is using her paw and not showing any reluctance or pain, you might keep an eye on it to be sure things are O.K., but consult the vet on the tail-chasing. Look that up. You could also check the paw by holding it and touching all parts. If any particular part seems sensitive when gently squeezed, this might indicate something stuck in the paw. Compare responses by doing the same thing on the opposite paw. But, of course, some cats won't even let you touch their paws!

    I also don't think your question is "dumb". Cats are unique and curious creatures, and it takes an observant person to understand them. You are a caring person to be asking about this and wanting to know the answers.

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    First of all, a cat will rarely show pain, no matter how severe, as in the evolution of cats showing pain makes them vulnerable to predators.  Even if they are in pain, they rarely let it get in the way of doing normal cat stuff.  At 11, she could be exhibiting early signs of arthritis but dementia is probably not part of the equation.  Try massaging the leg and her paw to see if she objects to it.  Check the paw or leg to see if there is a wound or a splinter and check the paw to see if she has an overly long or ingrown or damaged claw or something that's gotten stuck in the pads.  More likely she has a mild sprain, but since I can't see her, that's just a guess.  Attacking her tail could be a sign of boredom or a sprain on the tail.  Since cats behave very differently in the vet's office than they do at home, take a video or two of her in her normal setting to show the vet when you go.   In any event, it's good you're taking her to the vet for an exam, and since she is officially a "senior" cat, it would be wise to get a full blood workup if you can afford it -- it's not that expensive and can help identify any issues she might be facing as she ages.

    In my purview, 11 is not old, and with a good diet, yearly vet visits, and lots of love she'll give you many more years of companionship.  Try not to fret as cats are very sensitive to their human's moods and upsets.

    Best of luck, and keep your chin up.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    a check up will be good.

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