Steven asked in SportsMartial Arts · 2 months ago

Who would win in their primes as is (weight Wise nobody cut or gains for fight) Chuck Liddell (6'2 205 or Connor McGregor(5'9 145)?

I say Liddell ko end of the first early 2nd Rd. Liddell has great wrestling skills even though his striking overshadow it, he 60lbs heavier and I believe is better striking up for debate but no debate Chuck hits harder also 5 inches taller but just his striking I feel would put Connor down I know they different weight class but just imagine. PS old school pride rules soccer kicks stomp ect all legal

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    No not a good match up. It would be better scenario where McGregor is not at fight weight of 145#.

    2 reasons. 1 he is underweight by 15lbs o his height. And that not his normal street weight.

    I personally think it a better match and fight if both in prime were at street weight. When making weight it puts stress and it lot of bs.

    Having both at street weight and not cut s a better option. In prime street weight would give 1 heck of a fight.

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