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On what bases does Russia try to compete with the USA? ?

I mean, competition is between two rivals who are equal or at least close in everything such as power, wealth, technology, economy, and influence etc.. The USA and Russia are not even close because the USA is FAR AHEAD of Russia in everything! The USA has the biggest or at least one of the biggest economies in the world, (after China and the European Union). Russia’s economy is not even half as big as the USA! The standard of living and quality of life of American people is a lot better than the people in Russia! In Russia, people don’t even have the basic freedom to voice their opinion or the right to practice their religion! They can not do or say anything against their government! As a country, the USA is WAY BETTER than Russia. So what makes Putin think that Russia can compete with the USA?! Can someone please explain it to me? Thank you.   

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