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What are the best superfoods?

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    The best super foods are, the ones you can find fresh locally, within your budget and you will actually eat. Doesn't matter if it cures cancer, baldness and bad breath, if you can't/won't swallow it. Also in my opinion, if you have to consume so much of the said superfood(s) , that you'd never want to eat anymore after the first few times, it's not worth the effort.

    Better to reduce the highly processed and refined foods, for more whole foods. Example, I like blueberries, but not so much to eat a half a cup of them (fresh, frozen or dried), every day, even if they were free.

    But what do I know? 

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    Notice how Everybody just KNOW things you Should be eating, even if you don't like it? Eat what you want-and if you have questions, ask a doctor or a nutritionist. 

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