turning an old pc into a make-shift laptop question?

So recently I've just replaced the motherboard, cpu, gpu, and ram (basically rebuilt a whole new pc), and I still have all the components for my old pc. I will be designing a micro-atx suitable case out of sheet metal aluminum/steel alloy from Lowes and design a custom built portable pc with built in display via custom metal hinges and a 10 inch usb-c powered led screen, connected into an internal usb slot(basically the "front usb" connector but mounted internally to hide the screen connection). basically an on the go backup mini pc that is something of a make shift "laptop". I travel occasionally and figured I could make a good use of my old pc under those circumstances. My backup/original plan is to go with a 500w psu to power the pc, but i was interested in seeing if I can install a battery similar to one in a laptop inside of the pc so I can charge it up and use it when it is not plugged into an ac outlet. I know there are ups power supplies that will work externally, but I guess I'm asking if there is some other option to have windows tell me how much battery life is left in the pc (similar to as laptop) before shutting off rather than just having a power strip with a battery inside of it. Thanks :D

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