saw movie error question?

why did adam cut and break his leg while he was in the chain when he could have just used the chainsaw slowly to cut through chain yes normally it didnt work but if he took his time the saw 

would have eventually cut off the chain or he could have wiggled out 

he could have even sat there and starved to death cause thats far less painful or worse than cutting his leg off 

so why was he stupid enough to play the game when he knew there was a worser danger bad person outside the room 

if anything he should have denied his horrible situation and fell asleep in the chains he was not bleeding out nor had poison in him

no offense but what a moron 

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    Adam actually didn't. Dr. Gordon was the one who cut his foot off, and Detective Eric was the one who broke his foot. They also didn't have access to a chainsaw, I believe it was actually just a normal hack saw which would have dulled and broke before it ever got through the chain. If he was flexible enough, he might have been able to wiggle his foot out, or he could have tried to use the saw on the pipe the chain was attached to instead, as it's hollow and a lot thinner material than the chain, but even that would be a long shot. By far, the best thing to have done is break your foot because, if they escape, they keep their foot, don't bleed out, and the break would eventually heal. Starving to death, apparently, isn't all that bad of a way to go, unless you run into other complications like infection or a heart attack. So while, yes, it's not as bad of a fate, I think the whole thing was that he, and all the others, really don't want to die, which is why they try to find ways to escape. They probably also figured facing anything or anyone on the other side of the door would either mean a quicker death or that they'd have a chance to fight back, rather than sitting there helpless. His eventual death, in a way, was pretty painless. Amanda ended up feeling really bad for him and returned to suffocate him via a bag over his head. When he fought back, he ended up getting knocked out with the bag still over his head, and ultimately suffocating. When I think about it, I actually believe that his whole trap was a bit unfair. The key to his chain in particular was in the bathtub with him, and ended up going down the drain when he woke up in a panic, pulling the plug from the drain. He didn't really get any sort of fair chance on that one but, then again, the trap was mostly set up by Amanda, who eventually was known for making traps that we're inescapable as she became more deluded about the ways and reasons Jigsaw does what he does. Anyways, Dr. Gordon was the moron in this case. He should have been way more aware that breaking his foot, rather than cutting it off, was the much smarter option. Even though he was an oncologist, but that doesn't make him any less knowledgeable about the repercussions of chopping off a limb. Granted, he probably felt panicked, but still. Either way, I agree they were kind of moronic for how they handled all this.

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    As mentioned, Dr. Gordon was the one who amputated his own foot with the saw. While the chain would prove to be too strong to saw through, if memory serves correctly, the chain was wrapped through a water pipe, which is obviously hollow and would prove to be much easier to saw through, which seems to be a better choice to cut through rather than one's own leg! Also, being a surgeon, why would Dr. Gordon not realize the "corpse" in the room is still breathing? Oh well... thank goodness for suspension of disbelief.

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    1 month ago

    yes he was a moron but i felt bad for his decisions

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