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Should a woman like this that is 26, never been married, engaged, and a virgin just accept that her life is worthless ?

I know I'm ugly and I'm the woman in the photo typing this. I wish that I could meet a nice guy even if he is chubby, I wish that I could meet good friends, and I apologize to every Republican and Christian that my mom didn't abort me 

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    She's not ugly. It sounds like she needs some therapy to work through the pain of her past, learn how to forge better friendships and choose better men in the future. It's tough, right now with the virus, to get out and meet new people, but soon as the world starts going back to normal, she should widen her circle of experience and pool of possible friends. Maybe join a club, church, meetup group (, or do some volunteer work. Give her a hug for me. 

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    If you don't go to Church, now would be a wonderful time to start! Chances are you will meet a nice Christian guy and possibly get married and have a family! Nothing wrong with being single but sometimes it is worth the wait! Find a good Church to get active in and chances are you will find a nice guy. God has a plan for you, join a Church, meet a guy that goes there that you like ,get engaged them married! Approximately nine months after you wedding night your first child will be born! Once you do get married make sure that both you and your husband go to Church every week and your kids! Good luck and God Bless! 

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    Nah girl u cute as hell, anyone who says otherwise isn’t worth your time.

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    Only if she's terminally ill and plans to be dead in the next few months. This woman is one year into having a functional adult brain and being mature enough to even think about things like future engagement/marriage. One suspects she's judging herself against people who did those things prematurely and will end up divorced single parents. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this woman except that she's in desperate need of talk therapy to stop dwelling so much on herself and learn to be grateful for what she does have. If she believes her weight is the issue then she should work on that too. 

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