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Have your parents ever told you this before?

parent: I gave all toys and clothes to an orphanage.

you;: why?

parent: so you won't get bored there


Sorry BBagwinds.

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    My father died when I was 4; my oldest sister had died previous to that the day after my birthday the same year, so no, he never said that. My mother raised us; it wouldn't have been a joke or even faintly amusing because if she had also died, there's no knowing what would have happened to us.

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    That is very sad thing.  

    Once had friend when her father who was an amazing minister said let's give toys we do not want the poor: She gave her favorite toy. 

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    A decade or two ago the state of Nebraska had a slew of abandoned babies, many of them died from exposure.  They passed a law permitting mothers to drop off their children at hospitals and other appropriate places, no questions asked, in order to spare the babies' lives.  Very humane and the right thing to do.

    However they did not specify an age limit for the child to be dropped off. They had to change that when parents started dropping off their teenagers.  

  • Nope.

    Orphanages were phased out long ago in the USA in favor of foster homes.

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    Why have you posted this in Religion & Spirituality?

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    no they loved us....

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