Should I give up my job search and focus on my passion?

I graduated from college with a BFA in Creative Photography last May. I had recently worked with Apple as a customer service associate but resigned to focus on finishing my degree. That being said, I've looked for jobs since May. 

I have sent out approximately 140 degrees, have gotten MAYBE 3-4 interviews, and no offers. Everything else has been literal rejection. I'm getting increasingly frustrated because I'm qualified for the jobs I'm applying to, but am not getting hired. 

In all honestly, all I want to focus on is making art and focusing on filmmaking. I really don't know what a sit-down customer service job is going to do for me other than give me some cash. I would rather move somewhere with little money, get a barista/waitress job, and use my free time to make work. 

What should I ultimately do? I really do feel like giving up because I find no hope in the job search anymore. And I don't know if I'll be truly happy if I end up getting a "real job". 

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    1 month ago
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    Your dreams are precious. Holding onto them when it's hard is worth it. I went to art school because it was my dream to be a designer and I had to drop out because I couldn't afford it. My dream died. Your dream dying can be as painful as a serious break up. Fell into depression and never learned to dream again. I was a walking husk and shell of a person after that just peddling my body for money to make ends meet. Taking any job I can.

    Eventually, I self taught and did free work in the creative industry. My work wound up in Sephora, Magazines, went to fashion week, retouched celebrities like Tina Fey. I became a Professional high-end print retoucher without a degree because there's a lot of retouchers out there but not a lot of good ones. Eventually, I went on to becoming a photo producer and production manager of a photography studio. I've also modeled. 

    If I was able to do these things without a degree or connections. You can too. Even though, I got to do more than my peers who did graduate from my dream college I dropped out of. I have regret taking random paychecks from random jobs. I could have started my career sooner. I could have gone further, done more and I wish I dreamed bigger.

    Your life is up to you but consider my story. I'm nothing, I came from nothing, I had nothing, no degree, no formal training but I made it someplace than taking the random job.

    Be careful, even wanting a simple customer service job is a dream. You can only accomplish as far as you dream. If you dream only for survival, only for convenience, being comfortable you'll never live anything more than a mediocre life. Saying i only want to be a waitress is dreaming.

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    1 month ago

    Sadly you have a degree major that just about guarantees that you will be unemployed/underemployed for the rest of your life.  And, sadly many parents here in the US still raise their kids thinking that they can follow their passion and make a living.    You have better chance of winning Megamillions.

    99.9% of the time people have to WORK at whatever they can get/tolerate and follow their passion as a HOBBY after hours.  Making a living isn't about being "truly happy", it's

    about having a place to live and putting food on the table.

    Get a real job and do your art/film making after hours.  That's the real truth in being an adult.

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    1 month ago

    Passion is another word for unemployed.  

    You need a job, any job. When I was a manager, I hired a guy with a degree who could not find a job. Minimum wage, part time. I had him washing walls, mopping floors & cleaning bathrooms. He did it and did not complain for several weeks. And that is what I wanted to see.  I promoted him to assistant manger, it was 50 hours, nights & weekends and the pay was not much over minimum wage. But that I would train him and said there was a near 100% chance he would get promoted again if he stuck with it. He did. I kept bragging to my boss about him because he was doing a great job for crap pay and that he had a degree and was almost certainly close to being promoted. My boss gave him a 40% raise and a few months later he got his own store.  His pay was not what college grads want. But he was off his butt and now he had management experience. And the raises would continue as he proved himself.

    The degree just meant he was smart enough but he had to prove he had the work ethic to move up. And he did.

    I get the feeling you would have a mental breakdown if you were asked to do what he did happily.

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    1 month ago

    Yeah, money is overrated. Passion is all that matters. Get you some of that and f paying the bills.

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    1 month ago

    Go work anywhere that will hire you. Walmart is always looking for help

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