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I have a question about Louis, the dog who’s owners opted to remove his eyes instead of treat the infection and then dumped him at a pound?

Yes his former owners are SOB’s but why is no one asking what sort of vet would agree to this? The vet should lose his or her license and be changed with animal abuse!

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    I believe the shelter embellished his true story a little bit to solicit some attention and donations.    They opted for surgery instead of "paying for treatment"???   Surgery costs more than antibiotics...   Seriously, think about that for a moment.    Why would they spend several hundred or more on surgery instead of antibiotics that cost less than $50?

    If a vet opted to remove the eyes, it's because they were so severely infected/injured that they couldn't be treated with antibiotics.   Possible there was an underlying issue, such as severe dry eye, that lead to the infection.   Eye removal often is one form of treatment for dry eye.  (The dog doesn't produce tears.   SOME dogs respond to daily eye drops to keep the eye lubricated, but not all.)

    Vets won't just remove an eye if it could easily be treated with medicine.

    There is far more to his story than just an eye infection.

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    1 month ago

    you and he are trolls................

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    1 month ago

    Easy accusation to make.  People HAVE asked why the surgery.  There was NO guarantee that medication would "work."  There was a question of cost.  If you know so much about how and why Veterinarians should lose their license to practice veterinary medicine, I'd suggest that you contact the new owners and offer to handle the lawsuit on behalf of the dog.


    I HAVE a dog, and he lost an eye before I got him, due to an injury.  It was the Veterinarian's decision.


    Why the owners "dumped him" is beyond my knowledge of the situation.

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    1 month ago

    Why?  If a condition can be treated and the dog can go on to live a full life, why do you think that's wrong?  Or do you think all blind dogs should be killed?  

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  • 1 month ago

    I have not heard anything about this but you are right about the Vet.  He/she should face the consequences.  Be disbarred.

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