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What are you watching, and what show / movie / series would you recommend we watch?

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    I just watched Inside Out and Soul by Pixar.  Unimpressed by either.  Both were emotional - Pixar is very good at those tender moments.  But neither was funny aside from a couple moments.  Pixar's movies used to be funnier than this.

    Counterpart is a pretty good series on Amazon Prime.  It takes itself a little too seriously for my tastes, but it's very evocative of Cold War Berlin spy games.  

    Lucifer just came out with a season 5 on Netflix.  I like every season of that except season 3.  It's a bit more having fun with the concept - which I like.

    Old Guard, a movie on Netflix was good but not great.

    I just watched Stan Against Evil which is deliberately campy, but had plenty of laugh out loud moments.  The plot was pretty terrible.  Very cheesy.  But they had fun with the concept and parodied alot of horror movie tropes.

    I mean, you never really told us what you LIKE so I don't know what to recommend.  If you haven't seen The Wire or Breaking Bad, those are pretty much the two best drama TV shows of all time and you MUST watch them.  

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    I'm watching the Stargate series from the beginning now and Expanse as they come out.

    Expanse is tremendous .Stargate is very good but has too many morality eps.

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    Castlevania, Mandalorian, A Clockwork Orange, Watership Down (1978).

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