Is it possible to get my family footage from VHS straight to M-Disc, maybe a machine that does this, no "middle man" involved? ?

I have a machine which converts VHS into Discs but it isn't "M-Disc" compatible, I could use a lower quality disc (e.g. DVD-R+) digitize the footage then burn the digital copy onto an M-Disc but the problem is when I go from VHS to Disc the quality diminishes then I digitize the disc and it diminishes again so I want the least amount of conversions from one format to another as possible or does anyone know how to avoid the quality getting worse with each step.    

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  • 1 month ago

    Sorry, that makes no sense.

    The VHS-to-Disc section is the "digitisation" stage.

    Once on any kind of DVD, you can take an image copy and burn back to any number or type of discs an there will be no change in quality whatsoever.

    Use eg. Imgburn to make the image files and burn them back.

    (If you are "ripping" the DVD to video then re-making the DVD, that's where you are losing quality as it's repeatedly converting between different lossy compression systems).

  • Mark
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    If you used a converter to capture from the VHS to a computer then connect an M-Disc burner to the computer should provide the least loss of resolution.  VHS is low-res anyway.

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