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how can you easily do backround blur photography in photoshop im a beginner?

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    There are different techniques that can be implemented to achieve a blurred background in Photoshop.  Which one you choose will depend upon your Photoshop skills, how good you want the final image (obviously making a large print will require more precision than posting to social media), and of course the image itself.

    Usually, for me at least, the best way is to first make a selection using the pen tool.  You can use the Magic Wand, too.  The pen tool is extremely precise and probably the best tool for intricate subjects.  Using selection tools like the Magic Wand can be significantly faster and easier but at the expense of precision.  Often after using the Magic Wand, I'll have to touch up the selection by pressing Q for the mask mode and then use various sizes of brushes to paint in the areas to be selected.

    Once you have the selection completed, cut it out (Ctrl + X) and paste it back (Ctrl + V).  This will give you a 2-layered image with the 2nd layer being the bit you don't want to blur.  Doing it this way will allow you to go back at any time and make any changes as needed.  You just need to save this multi-layered file as TIFF to retain the layers as JPEGs can't have more than one layer.

    Now you have several ways of blurring the image.  Gaussian blur can be a great option.  Again, there are multiple ways of blurring the image within Photoshop.

    Once done, save the image as multi-layered TIFF and as a JPEG for printing and social media.

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