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What was Catherine of Aragon like ?

What was she like? 

I've read she was quite a popular Queen?

Was she a doormat?

Do we know much about her personality? 

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    Catherine was the first woman to serve as an ambassador of the Aragonese crown to England in 1507. She served as regent for the English crown while Henry VIII was in France.

    Catherine was educated by a tutor, studied arithmetic, canon and civil law, classical literature, genealogy and heraldry, history, philosophy, religion, and theology.

    "She learned to speak, read and write in Spanish and Latin, and spoke French and Greek. She was also taught domestic skills, such as cooking, dancing, drawing, embroidery, good manners, lace-making, music, needlepoint, sewing, spinning, and weaving."

    Catherine received a strong religious education which led to her strong Catholic faith.

    She never accepted Henry's divorcing her, referring to herself as his only lawful wedded wife, England's only Queen.

    She was widely admired, and not a "doormat":

    "The controversial book "The Education of Christian Women" by Juan Luis Vives, which claimed women have the right to an education, was dedicated to and commissioned by her. Such was Catherine's impression on people, that even her enemy, Thomas Cromwell, said of her "If not for her sex, she could have defied all the heroes of History." She successfully appealed for the lives of the rebels involved in the Evil May Day for the sake of their families. Furthermore, Catherine won widespread admiration by starting an extensive programme for the relief of the poor. She was also a patron of Renaissance humanism, and a friend of the great scholars Erasmus of Rotterdam and Saint Thomas More. Some saw her as a martyr."

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    She was  a very religious  spanish princess who  was  treated badly by her husband  Henry V111

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    Never met her, so really couldn't say.

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    Catherine of Aragon was a serenely, pious Catholic woman who served England well as Queen. She comes from a long line of European Royals aka Blue Bloods i.e. RH Negative 

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