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Can an Airbnb be a business expense?

Even if I stay in it once a year

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    Completely incorrect. You don't have to show that it can generate income for something to be written off. All you have to show is that it's necessary to conduct your business. For instance, you can write off office rent or a phone as a business expense. Neither one directly generates revenue.

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    Sure, I've deducted AirBnB fees as business expenses multiple times. But I actually own a for-profit business, actually took a business trip with a valid business purpose for the trip and actually paid for an AirBnB as a place to stay instead of booking a hotel. Also the cost of the AirBnB was reasonable and ordinary, it was actually cheaper than what I would have spent on a modest hotel in the area.

    Do you own a business and have a valid business reason why you need to travel overnight and pay for a place to stay? If so is the cost of the AirBnB reasonable and ordinary for the location and time of year?

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    there has to be a connection between the expense and the generation (or potential generation) of income - unless you can show this, you are done

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