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Opinions on the name Kandi or Kandie?

I find it very cute but I also feel if I ever named my child that she might get picked on because maybe it’s not a normal name, I was looking for baby names inside of my culture. If I ever end up having a youngest girl I would probably definitely name her that, but I need more opinions. 


Oh wow, I had no clue it could’ve been a stripper name? 

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    It's far too cutesy, it might be cute on a little girl with pigtails but what about if she grows up to be a professional, a doctor or a lawyer? Or if she's more tomboyish? I can't imagine the name suiting then. 

    If you're going to do it, I'd go with Candice/Candace or Cadence as the full name, so she's got a professional name for when she's older. 

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    It's okay but I prefer the traditional spelling.

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    2 months ago

    I am not fond of the name and I especially dislike it misspelled by using a K.  I don't mind Candace or Candice and then Candy or Candi.  I prefer Candy.  As far as it being a stripper name, how, exactly does the person who suggested it know that unless they go to strippers?  ANY name could be used by a stripper.

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    People twist things to make every name a stripper name. That answer is on here so many times it’s annoying. Use Kandace or Candace or even use Kadence and use Kandi as a nickname . I like Kadence more 

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    2 months ago

    Candace, nickname Candi... if you must. 

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