How do I get through to him?

Long story short (I'm sorry if this is long).myself and boyfriend have been together over 2 years now. I love this man with all my heart and I have done some things im not proud of and I screwed up and we made up. he went back during that time to his ex to hurt me talking to her after everything they both said about each other i asked and he said just for friendship I trust him not her... everything is always my fault he can never do wrong in his eyes, he constantly belittles me over my weight, what I wear, if I go outside or not (exercise) when gym was open he'd constantly try force me to go and be in a crappy horrible mood if I didn't go, he's called me so much stuff it hurts and I never say anything to him because I absolutely hate arguing. he won't admit he's addicted to weed but when he are low on stuff his moods will sink so far down and he takes it out on me and everything I do is bad, can't speak, can't touch him, can't do anything to console him but once we get sorted he's happy, cheerful and talkative again and the bad moods vanish. I can do without the weed its just him, I feel like he pays more attention to his phone than he does to me he's constantly glued to it and I'm left sitting talking to myself, its always me picking absolutely everything to do, if I breathe heavily he'll mock me by doing the same, called me a ***** because I complained about the fan being on me, how do I get through to him, I'm scared when he's in bad moods its nearly all the time


college is stressing me, I'm doing a graphic design course at home because of this damn virus, I start college on his holidays.always has something to say badly about when I'm doing college work, if I am doing it when he comes home from work ita instant bad mood until I put my stuff away, he always wants me to pick what we are doing/watching and always gives me crap if I ask him what he wants to do he never ever suggests anything, I want him to pay attention to me and to talk to me


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  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    He is what he is and you aren't going to change that. The question should be when are you going to get it through your head that he's not worth having. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Took only about 5 sentences.

    You may think you love him, but he does NOT love YOU.  He doesn't care what you want.

    Love is always mutual, and it is mutual kindness and tolerance. He abuses you emotionally, and you are being a victim if you stay with him.

    I suspect that you mistake your attachment to him as being love .. it isn't love. It is just an attachment ... self-centered and probably accompanied with a fear of having to be alone with yourself.  Which is usually why women get into and stay with abusive men.

    Move out.  If he wants to get back, tell him you will only get back if the two of you first get some couple's counselling. And even then, expect him to quickly revert back to being abusive.

    You deserve more out of life, but you won't find it with him.

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