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What can replace montelukast for seasonal allergies cough ?

So I have a bad cough and seasonal allergies I read some bad reviews about montelukast I was wondering what can be substituted for it.

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    I used to have really bad sinus congestion from a dust allergy. It got to the point where I could almost never breathe through my nose for more than a couple minutes at a time, and I was constantly using nasal sprays. I had really bad sinus pressure too, and it always felt like a giant balloon behind my face. I took montelukast and it seemed to really help. I had no side effects. I no longer need to take it because my allergies seem to have eased up over the years. But when I did need it, it really helped my allergy symptoms. Most medicines are trial and error. They usually start by prescribing the most commonly used drugs with the least reported side effects, and if they don’t work, they just go down the list until they find something that works for you. It also depends on what drugs your insurance company covers. It’s probably better to try it and see if it works before you write it off as no good. 

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    2 months ago

    Montelukast is a treatment for asthma, not allergies. Try the over the counter nasal sprays like Flonase or the generic versions. I used to get them by prescription from my allergy doctor, but now they're over the counter. 

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