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Why are Hollywood celebrities always breaking up/getting divorced?

Celebrities are lusted after for their beauty and wealth and success and charisma and personalities, but none of them can ever maintain a proper relationship. The average person may not have the same good looks or the same bank accounts, but the average person at least has a much better success in marriage and dating than most celebrities. If celebrities are so lusted after by society, why can't they maintain their relationships? What's the alternative for these celebs, to date someone "average"? If they can't stay in love with someone who is considered superior in society, then they can't stay in love with anyone, especially average people who live completely different lives than they do, are less fortunate, less educated, and less attractive. If 2 poor or struggling middle class, overweight, less than average looking people can make a relationship work all across America (the average Joe and Jane's of America), I don't see how 2 vastly superior and successful people can't make their relationship work. I feel like celebrities are completely out of touch with reality

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