Selling on Amazon as an individual?

Looking for advice from someone who sells on Amazon...

I find all the information on Amazon's selling fees very confusing, maybe intentionally so>

Would anyone be able to tell me what all the total fees and costs are for selling on amazon as an individual (not as a business) including per transaction, any monthly charges, etc?I see there is a charge per transaction (anywhere from 8-15% of the total), and $0.99 charge per listing. Is there anything else?

Some sources I find say there is a monthly charge, while others say there is not, so I am looking for a bit of clarification hopefully! It has been frustrating trying to find this info :(

PS: Tried asking Amazon chat support, and they were not very helpful...I was transferred a total of 4 times, and I got the impression they didn't really know what they were doing.

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  • 1 month ago
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    Im looking for the exact clarification on this that you are. I dont have the answer, but letting you know others aka I am confused as well. I need to fig out too! Soon! 

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