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Adaption of little red riding hood movie? ?

Years ago, I seen a movie that was a remake of little red riding hood. It was so good and I can’t remember the name of the movie. I remember that the girl had long wavy red hair and her mom had blonde hair. Her mom was dating a guy and the girl wasn’t happy about it. The girl had a pet lamb. The girl wandered into the woods on the path to her grandmothers house when she met a talking Wolf. Her and the wolf became good friends through many encounters throughout the movie. Red riding hood also met a boy who was on a field trip one time and one night she ran away with him to the city. She also met an older man who had lots of birds. I remember the rising action of the movie was when the wolf kidnapped riding hood and the lamb. I loved this movie and I have no clue what it’s called..I’ve researched the whole web and cannot find anything lol. If you have any clue on what this movie is called I’d absolutely be grateful to be told! 

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    Bye bye chaperon rouge (1989). It’s full on youtube in a foreign language.

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    It was a Live action movie 

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