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How to prevent camel toe?

I'm 20 and didn't know what camel toe was until I saw a tiktok where ppl were talking about it. I thought it was something intentional and when I looked in the mirror I discovered my 🐱 indeed camel toes but like ALL THE TIME. I never noticed and no one has ever said anything (I'd expect my mom at least to say something if it's very noticable but then again it's kind of weird to look at someone's crotch so that may be why she's never noticed.) I'm aware of it now and it makes me self conscious because I'm trying to start wearing pants (I only wore skirts or shorts for a long time so that's also why I probably never noticed. But now when I put on my shorts I just see it sitting there, so visible 😭) is there a way to prevent this or is this just something I have to be ok with since I guess it's determined by how my body is shaped? (I'm still kind of lost as to why it's so visibly there, the seam of my pants kind of contributes and I'm chubby but I never noticed this on the models when I buy my clothes.)

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    Camel toes have four basic causes: pants are too tight, pants are pulled up on the body too high, inadequate underwear, and pants are poorly made and have a too shallow crotch or inadequate crotch curve. 

    Fix one is a larger size. If they are binding at the crotch they are binding everywhere.

    Fix two is wear the waistband where it settles on its own. Don't pull the waist up where you think it should sit. If you prefer a high waistline then buy higher waisted pants.


    Fix three is buy full cut lined seamless underwear. Good seamless underwear won't give you lines, won't show under others and will prevent both front and back wedgies. As mentioned using a panty liners in the front will also help. Thongs do nothing.

    Fix four is for pants that fit everywhere else but give you the toe AND you know how to sew. This is an intermediate level alteration. Use chalk to mark  the outer "lips" of the toe. Transfer marks to the inside and mark a smooth curved seam line blended with the seam above and no the alteration. Rip the seam out where needed and hand baste the new seam try pants on, the toe should be no more. Sew the new seam with fronts right sides together by machine and trim some of the excess away. Neaten the raw edges. Press seam. The curve will be deep enough. If you can't then this isn't the place to learn, a mistake can make the pants fit worse, not better. 

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    Everyone has body parts under their clothing.  If you are properly covered there is no reason for concern.

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    Might need to loose a few pounds.  If not get different pants.  

  • You are such a perv.. Give it up.. This is a dude..

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    use those stick in panty liners. 

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    Stuff tissues down there. So it's all even.

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    Stop wearing tight pants and shorts or wear your shorts lower than normal

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