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Can I make a living buying and selling items from Alibaba?

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  • 1 month ago

    A lot of people do this actually. I have some items I sell that I just get from Aliexpress.

    I would research what you want to sell and what market you want to sell on first. See what kind of competition you have and how much money you would realistically make. Note that you do have to invest some money into stock first, so it can be a little scary.

    I think it would be difficult to support a family off this kind of living, unless you have a physical store or sell a ton of items (thousands a month, realistically). But I have been reselling items I have made in China for a few years now, and I make around $1-2k per month doing this on the side of my full-time job.

    If you are serious about pursuing it, I would just do a lot of research and start small, then work your way up. It is what I did and I'm enjoying a moderate amount of success.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Its all about odds. 99.999% chance you cannot even make $200 a month consistently. If you are that lucky, just win the lottery instead.

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