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Is it safe for a rabbit to put down a layer of pine bedding and a layer of regular bedding on top in her cage?

I found out that while I was away at college this past semester and my mom starting taking care of my rabbit that she's been putting a layer of pine bedding at the bottom of the cage because it makes all the bedding come off cleaner when she cleans the cage. However, I found out that pine bedding can cause skin irritation and URIs for rabbits. Is it safe if my mom puts the layer of regular bedding over it or should I tell her to stop?

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    Pine and cedar shavings should be avoided in rabbit houses.  Here's why:

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    No, it isn't safe. It's not the physical contact with the shavings that's a problem, it's the airborne volatile compounds they give off. Whether it's under other bedding or not, your rabbit will be breathing those in. Not only can they cause respiratory irritation, but they can also impair liver function, which, in my opinion, is the larger problem with softwood shavings like pine and cedar. 

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